What is it?


 M2M Donations

is a member to member donations platform,


a Fully Auto Upgrade, Auto re-entry and Auto Withdrawal System which is Giving You 

an Opportunity to Receive 40 Bitcoins Once and Again, 

just by donating One Time only 0.002 Bitcoin!    

This is based on a simple rule of Everyone referring a minimum of just 3 Participans into the program !


If you follow this very simple rule and do minimum work, you will be rewarded! 


We recommend that you start with the Start Line matrix.

Rigister, then upgrade your account by donating 0.002 BTC,

and then refer as many people as you want into the Start Line matrix downline, where 100% of those donations go directly to You!  Now instruct those referrals, and tell them to do the same thing you did - have people joint their own downlines,

and let the M2M automated system take care of the rest!


 We want you to succeed! This is a partnership, remember!

Register and Donate to start.

Invite your friends to join and Donate, and instantly receive donations!

Register now to setup your account, activate your account by donating 0.002 BTC and start earning by referring people to join your downline!

Remember that M2M Donations platform is completely free to use!

There are no fees, no membership costs, no comission! 

Only 100%* direct member to member, peer to peer donations!

*minus bitcoin network fees for bitcoin transfers


 See How It Works